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Manitoba Works
40,000 Jobs Plan!

IT’S TIME TO UNLEASH PRIVATE SECTOR INVESTMENT and encourage expansion of commercial space, industrial facilities and residential real estate. 

Here’s how it will happen – guaranteed!



The Manitoba Works jobs plan will unlock new growth and development opportunities in the province by acting on the recommendations of the Review of Planning, Permitting and Zoning in Manitoba which identified problems, province-wide, in these areas so critical to jamming up and slowing down the economic development machine.   This includes Manitoba Hydro, the Office of the Fire Commissioner, the City of Winnipeg as well as all other municipalities and rural planning districts. 

Manitoba Works will implement faster permitting systems with clear service standards and appeal mechanisms.  Removing these barriers will unleash new investments in a sector that represents $5.1 billion a year or 7 per cent of our provincial economy.  Here’s the best news – for every day we can reduce unnecessary permitting delays, our provincial GDP will grow by $17 million, municipal tax base revenues will grow by $400,000 and provincial tax revenues will increase by $1.7 million.   And this is only the beginning!

A re-elected PC government will:

  • Grow Tourism Momentum
  • Grow MB with Team MB
  • Foster Municipal Growth Partnership
  • Bolster Film Industry
  • Expand Export Markets
  • Free the Beer
  • Pave the Way for Growth
  • Increase Accountability and Transparency
  • Enhance Connectivity
  • Advance Look North
  • Faster Credential Recognition


Building on our Strengths 

Our Manitoba Works Jobs Plan will build on our strengths by increasing support for tourism and the film industry while also establishing sector strategies in key areas like food processing and commercialization, advanced manufacturing and aerospace.  

Grow Tourism Momentum

A re-elected PC government will:
  • Enhance our current ’96:4’ funding model by 25% by moving to a ‘95:5’ model, which will invest 5% of tourism related revenue back into promoting Manitoba tourism and investments
  • Apply these new funds to promote our world-class attractions in Winnipeg, attract major events and market our Manitoba Parks

Growing Manitoba with ‘Team Manitoba’

Foster a Municipal Growth Partnership

Manitoba municipalities are key partners in fuelling the provincial economy. Our plan will further stimulate private sector capital investments across Manitoba.

A re-elected PC government will:
  • Act on recommendations of the 2019 Review of Planning, Permitting and Zoning in Manitoba which will significantly bolster our provincial GDP, municipal tax base and job creation potential, especially in Winnipeg, every day unnecessary permitting delays are reduced
  • Partner with the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region to create a capital region growth plan that will deliver better infrastructure at lower cost, more investment and improved development planning
  • Establish a collaborative process with the Association of Manitoba Municipalities to strengthen provincial-municipal growth and partnership opportunities, with a balanced discussion of both revenues and expenditures
  • Establish a Municipal Audit and Accountability Program to provide third party value-for-money audits for willing municipalities wanting to improve services without raising taxes
    • Invest $5 million over second term to help municipalities identify ineffective spending and innovative solutions, based on a return on investment analysis
  • Continue to give municipalities a Fair Say in decisions affecting their communities, such as Sunday and holiday shopping

Enhance our Focus on Economic Development

A re-elected PC government will:
  • Create a Team to Grow Manitoba including the Premier’s Enterprise Team, our Economic Growth Committee of Cabinet, the new Manitoba Economic Development Office (EDO) and our strategic partners (Travel Manitoba, North Forge, World Trade Centre) and regional partners (Communities Economic Development Fund (CEDF), Economic Development Winnipeg (EDW), Rural and Winnipeg Metropolitan Region)
  • Develop performance-based metrics with our partners to measure and report on the success of our economic development
  • Establish a new rural economic development hub, based in Brandon, to service the unique needs and growth potential of rural Manitoba



Expand Export Markets

As national leaders in reducing barriers to internal trade, we will work collaboratively with community partners and consult with industry partners.

A re-elected PC government will:
  • Expand existing markets and pursue new export opportunities with a new targeted trade strategy
  • Enhance trade, investment and labour mobility
  • Remove trade barriers to the movement of goods, services investment and people within and between provinces

Focus on our Strengths

A re-elected PC government will:
  • Work with industry to identify opportunities to grow investment and job creation within target sectors including agriculture, food processing, mining, forestry, transportation/logistics, manufacturing (including green innovation) and financial services

Bolster Film Industry

Our growing film industry creates jobs and drives economic growth across the entire cultural sector, totaling $723 million between 2012 and 2017.  

A re-elected PC government will:
  • Increase the broader (‘all spend’) portion of the current film tax credit from 30% to 38% of all production costs, to encourage more permanent investments in film production

Free the Beer!

The sale of beer, wine and liquor in Canada is unduly restricted by red tape.  We will liberalize beer, wine and liquor distribution and sales, bringing more selection and lower prices to Manitobans.

A re-elected PC government will:
  • Exempt craft distillers, cideries and brewers from markup for on-premise brew pub, distillery and cidery sales
  • Continue to promote the reduction of interprovincial barriers to liquor sales
  • Work with local craft beer industry and distillers to further reduce red tape and barriers to growth

Open Cannabis Market

Our government has responded to the legalization of non-medical cannabis with a phased approach to retail that leverages the best of the public and private sectors and offers unique opportunities for participation by indigenous businesses.  

Our first two phases will result in 46 stores that will achieve Manitoba’s immediate goal of providing 90% of Manitobans with access to cannabis retail within a 30-minute drive.  

A re-elected PC government will:
  • Move toward an open retail market in 2020
  • Develop a strategy that leverages economic development opportunities, in anticipation of the legalization of edibles in October, 2019
  • Guard against the risks that cannabis legalization poses, especially to our youth
  • Collect a social responsibility levy on all retail sales to keep Manitobans safe through public education and other efforts



Pave the Way for Growth

A re-elected PC government will:
  • Develop a ten-year strategic capital plan for provincial highways 
  • Grow the highways budget by 14% from $350 million to $400 million over the next four years, and ensure this budget is either fully spent or rolled over into the following year
  • Dedicate funds for infrastructure projects which stimulate private sector investment and create more jobs for Manitobans such as the local highway improvements that support the Roquette pea processing plant and manufacturing jobs near Vidir

Increase Accountability and Transparency

A re-elected PC government will:
  • Implement The Regulatory Accountability Act, to enhance consultations with stakeholders and streamline the regulatory process
  • Reintroduce The Public Sector Construction Projects (Tendering) Act to end the old NDP policy of forced unionization in the construction industry.  This will ensure all qualified workers and their employers, regardless of union status, have equal access to publicly funded construction projects in Manitoba
  • Ensure union leadership is accountable to their members for their financial decisions
  • Update the lobbyist registry to ensure all organizations attempting to influence MLAs, including unions, are transparent

Enhance Connectivity

A re-elected PC government will:
  • Develop an innovative broadband strategy, in partnership with municipal and federal partners, to expand connectivity, support job creation, and encourage Manitobans with state-of-the art broadband and digital technologies to provide excellence in health care and educational services 
  • Leverage Manitoba Hydro Telecom’s ‘dark fibre’ to enhance connectivity 
across Manitoba 
  • Explore substantial cost reductions per metre of fibre by streamlining broadband access, as part of our permitting and approval processes, via existing conduits 

Advance Look North

A re-elected PC government will:
  • Establish a $20 million Manitoba Mineral Development Fund (MMDF) to encourage mineral exploration and economic development
  • Engage a minimum of eight First Nations in our new mineral development protocol process, with a goal to have protocols formalized by the end of 2024
  • Continue to work with the federal government on a proposal to support Indigenous capacity building and participation in the mining sector

Enhance Indigenous Partnerships

A re-elected PC government will:
  • Continue to support collaborative approaches that will increase Indigenous participation in all sectors, including resource-based partnerships such as the Nisokapawino Forestry Management Corporation and the consortium of four First Nations on the east side of Lake Winnipeg
  • Ensure representation from Indigenous communities on both the Community Economic Development Fund and the soon to be launched Rural Economic Development Agency

Transfer More Lands

A re-elected PC government will:
  • Continue to make the transfer of Treaty Land Entitlement lands a priority.  Since May 2016, 85,785 acres of land have been transferred to Canada for reserve creation, accounting for approximately 6% of entitlement acres

Faster Credential Recognition for New Manitobans 

New Manitobans are waiting far too long for recognition of their credentials. That means newcomers who are doctors, nurses, engineers, lawyers, midwives and 25 other self-regulated professions can’t practice their chosen profession.

Between 2015-2017, more than 3,000 internationally educated New Manitobans applied to practice in their chosen profession, but only 470 were successful in registering.  

A re-elected PC government will:
  • Raise timeliness of foreign credential recognition with the Forum of Labour Market Minister’s (FLMM) by:
    • Accelerating the one year standard for credential recognition to require an interim assessment within six months
    • Amending Manitoba’s Fair Registration Practices in Regulated Professions Act to include provisions that ensure respect for the New West Partnership and other domestic trade agreements Manitoba is a party to in respect of credential recognition decisions