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A message from Brian Pallister

When I think about building a better Manitoba, I think about all that we can accomplish by working together. 

A new mandate, if Manitobans honour us with that privilege on September 10th, will allow us to continue to move Manitoba forward.

  • Making life more affordable for you and your families.

  • Securing our health care to bring you better care, sooner.

  • Being stronger economically and financially. 

We will do more than promise to deliver on these commitments to Manitoba. We will guarantee it!

It’s no secret that we inherited a big, NDP mess. Emergency room wait times were the longest, taxes the highest and our finances the worst in Canada.

Thankfully, Manitobans said enough is enough, giving us the opportunity, during the past four years, to make real progress in fixing our finances, repairing our services, and growing our economy. But there’s more to do and we are eager to get on with it!

So let’s focus on the amazing opportunities we can all have with a future based on five key guaranteed commitments detailed throughout our 2019 platform.

There is a new Manitoba growing, one of big hope and bigger opportunity, where young people can stay and build their own dreams; where families and seniors can find peace and security; and where progress is second to none in Canada.

The choice is yours – forward with a plan to build a better Manitoba or backward to the disasters of the NDP.

We hope you feel the forward choice is clear because the only thing better than today in Manitoba is tomorrow in Manitoba!




"Elections are about choices and the choice before us can be summed up in three words:
forward or backward."

-Brian Pallister


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